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    Trying to come up with a new rack design...
    I have a lot of 'needs' to address with the new design.
    I currently use three Roland pads in addition to my standard 2-up, 1-down config. Would like to maybe go to 2-up, 2-down and use an "8 tom in place of one of the pads (with a Roland mesh head / trigger installed).

    So, I think I'd want to possibly use a "8 and "10 in the slightly offset position, with two FT's (14, 16).
    *Question.. What would be a good way to do offset toms with a rack? Double tom stand out of the front tube? I'd want to get the "10 as far to the right (or middle of the kick drum) as possible.
    I'm really digging something along the lines of the Cobalt Blue 'Masterworks' ad. I'd probably substitute a couple of Roland pads for those Rocket Toms. If I could trigger Rocket Toms, that would be pretty awesome though....seems like the heads are pretty tiny to be slapping a trigger on there though.

    All creative suggestions are much welcomed!

    Pearl Ad I mentioned
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    My current kit :
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    If I was you, i'd get a taller leg where that snare basket is, and get it as tight in to the bass drum as you can, then use a double tom mount on there. Or if thats not close enough in, a single tom arm for the 8", with a long clamp like a Pearl AX-25L with a short tom arm for the 10". Not as clean looking as a double tom stand (AX-30 clamp) but will give you optimum adjustability and positioning options for the smaller drums.

    As for triggering rocket toms, its definitely doable, with internal lug mount piezo triggers, and wiring a jack socket out (though I don't believe rocket toms have a regular air vent to do this with, so you'd have to either drill the jacks in, or get long wires out of the bottom). Otherwise, if you're just wanting 6" trigger pads, get yourself a few Dauz pads, they do them in custom colours and designs (and could no doubt match your kit in some way) and they feel great. They have a gum rubber surface so are a little softer than the roland pads you have, and easily mount in any clamp, though for rack use, i'd recommend a UX-80 arm.
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      I concur with RD24 on using a rack for the two offset toms. Use the front leg as a "double tom stand" and wrap the crossbar around to your left for your pads and cymbals.
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        I know that kit..........
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