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H150S Anyway to shorten the action/lower the pedal?

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  • H150S Anyway to shorten the action/lower the pedal?

    Hello Everyone!

    Been using an H2000 for eons now. Wicked stand. Decided last week that I don't want to haul it around to gigs (heavy, awkward to pack and un pack), so I ordered an H150S. It feels surprisingly good but I'm having an issue with the pedal height/travel. I sit quite low so the angle of the footboard is extreme and it's very uncomfortable.

    Any way I can lower the pedal/limit the travel?


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    Well I think I figured something out. Found some old rubber feet in the parts drawer. Lowered the pedal around an inch and a half. No time test tonight but will report back tomorrow.

    Click image for larger version

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      You could cut shorter the pipe that the tripod attatches to . This will lower the piece that holds the two pipes together, and this will lower the footboard. You will have to dismantle the pedal to do this. I did this to my stand.
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        All good I figured it out. Adding all of the stoppers made it near equal to my H2000.

        Click image for larger version

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        Of course it adds a bit more spring tension, but hey, I'll be strengthening my foot while playing

        S'all good man!