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Thinking about picking up an H2000 Eliminator stand

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    Yea I started with an 800 that I rotated and it worked fine. However as soon as I started using a 2 leg it was no comparison for me. Spring adjustment I could do without for weight savings, I don't noticed the ic being much heavier then my 800 series.
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      As others have mentioned, the only big thing you may want to consider before grabbing an H2000 is that it's a heavy stand. So heavy it gives DW's 9000 hardware a run for its money.

      I like mine for exactly that reason though. No matter how much I kick it the thing refuses to budge, a problem I ran into with my old DW 9500.

      If the weight might be an issue grab an Iron Cobra stand (lever or velo). Aside from the Eliminator cam system vs. traditional direct pull, it's essentially the same stand with some weight trimmed off. Folds up smaller and it's usually cheaper, too.
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        For a drummer that plays on a rug, i could not get it to stop swaying forward and back. I tried everything. I didn't want to buy an extra peice of hardware because i sometimes have nothing to clamp it to. I use the Tama Lever Glide 2 leg stand. I returned the pearl one


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          I love my modified 885, but the 1000K is the newer equivalent. Prior to that I had an 820 for years that never died.
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            I have stuck with the 900 series. After toting this gear around, lighter is looking more and more appealing these days. Thanks for all the info guys!
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              I sold my Axis HH stand to get a Pearl One. Still haven't picked one up but I probably will around Christmas time. I play themm all the time at the rehearsal studio. Love the way they feel. GREAT stand.

              Lately, I went to a different studio that has some Tama gear. Drums sound great but that HW is freaking terrible. Of course it'S a rehearsal studio so the gear is beat all to hell but the Pearl stuff is always functioning perfectly. The IC HH stand (2 legs) was in crap shape. Even trying to adjust it (hate that cheap piece of plastic that adjust the spring tension) it still feels stiff.

              It's all about feel though. For me I love the 2000 series but I don't have to carry it around when I gig. Even If I did I think I'd clamp it and lose the legs.
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                Originally posted by scooterdavis View Post
                I'm thinking this would be a pretty solid upgrade to my slightly jerky 900 series HH stand, your thoughts?
                do it! Best hi hat stand in drums in my opinion. Better than dw stuff.


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                  I played a 2000 for a long time but when I started gigging heavily I bought a 900 and left the 2000 at home. They are VERY heavy (albeit really nice) hi-hat stands. I really enjoy my 900, though it'd be a lot cooler if it were offered in a two legged version. Rotating is good but two legs is better.


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                    the 2000 doesnt weight 3 tons, its not THAT heavy, just built beefy. mines done its job for several years, and its still kicking. the 2000 is the only HH stand ill own, unless the make a matching DD one
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