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    Question ??

    How hard to fine real old pearl cymbals stands back in the early or late 1970s & 1980s

    Just asking ....That is real good shape and nothing is wrong with them Beside a little rusty just a tag .

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    Originally posted by Bad95Chevy View Post

    How hard is it to find really old Pearl cymbal stands from the early or late 1970s & 1980s?

    Just asking... They'd need to be in good shape with nothing is wrong besides a little rust.

    You just have to search on a daily basis. I have a complete set of late 1980's 800-series stands and a complete group of 1970's stands as well. They've taken about a year to build up, especially the 70's stands which I built by buying probably half a dozen frankenstein stands and pulling the Pearl parts off them. I go to the "Drums & Percussion" section of eBay and type "Pearl", then search through all the new listings. Same with the Used Guitar Center website.


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      Bar Jack

      which is might be a little better to fine and might last for awhile ...80s Iss

      Is that the only year of style they made those in ...No earlyer or later ..beside these

      I check on ebay a lot and craigslist to and some time's just searching threw the old vintage drum websites or just looking all over for them ...Them are not the easy to fine .Change the "Subject" a little bit ,Not even the old Ludwig stands are not so easy found ::Just saying .....It's really hard to fine vintage old pearl stands ,that are in good decent shape ' No matter where you might look


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        You mean the TH-95?

        Click image for larger version

Name:	1984-pearl-catalog-5.jpg
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          Jack ::

          I know you was telling me that you bought some old pearl stands to ...I thought

          and you had to go threw them to ...

          What is the chance's of me fining some decent old stands like that ...With out go threw them ....

          If do fine some ,If i can fine any ....Actually i am playing on 3 stands and one stand for my ride .LOL ,That is 4 of them ....Just wondering ,and just asking how much you think it probably or might cost me to get them