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How thick are DW boom arms

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  • How thick are DW boom arms

    I was wondering whether I could by the boom arms from DW stands and slide them in to my current stands. My Dixons have a diameter of half an inch.

    The toothless titler of the DW's appeals to me.

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    Yes they should work? I would take your stand down to a local shop and try them before you order anything
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      DW boom arms are 1/2" thick so if the Dixons are the same, it should fit
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        Originally posted by andrewpark
        DW boom arms are 1/2" thick so if the Dixons are the same, it should fit


        I thought the same thing when I ordered a DW boom to fit a Tama attachment I had. Doesn't fit. The boom arm is noticably too big.

        Tama claimed their arms were 1/2" in diameter, but that measure was off.
        The DW's are supposedly also 1/2", but are much larger than the Tama's.

        It could be the same case for your Dixon stuff.
        Best bet is too bring your stand to the store and try it out.
        Just to be sure.
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          I did this with my PDP stands and it worked. Of course, PDP is owned by DW...Can't really tell you if it'd definitely work for other brands.