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    Originally posted by therocker View Post
    Check them out on YouTube. I believe they're all listed under barfly too! Awesome!
    Barfly is my personal youtube page, the VH trib page is here:

    Thanks for watching!


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      My original band seems to get screwed constantly. We play at this one bar quite a bit and there's always some discrepancy with our pay.

      One time we were asked by them to play at a going away party for a local artist/poet guy and we figured that we'd go on and play an hour or so, then take a break let them do their speeches and whatnot, then play another hour or so. It was going to be about $100 for the whole band. Not great, but it was pretty much a favor anyway, so we agreed. Anyway, we went on and played 3 whole songs and then had to sit through 3 hours of obscene, oddly descriptive sexual poetry. I'm not even joking. So we were trying to get another set and finally got another 3 whole songs in and then were told they'd do another quick speech and then we'd be able to play the rest of the night. Well another 2 hours later they finally wrapped that up. We played another 3 songs and packed up. Then the venue didn't even want to pay us because we didn't even get to play that long. So we explained to them that we got there at 7 PM and it was now 3 AM and we wasted our entire night to play for 30 minutes and it wasn't even our fault, so you're paying us.

      We then said we'd never play the venue again. Well then our singer books us at that very same place about 6 months later, after pretty much being in the studio working on an album all that time and not really rehearsing our live set much, and having to work up a 4 hour set on a week's notice. We were originally promised $200 for the whole band (again, not great) and on top of that we had to rent a PA for the show which ran us about $120 (for a crappy PA I might add, apparently our former guitarist is in charge of rentals at our local shop, so he decided to **** us royally), since my singer and guitarist also play in another project together and blew two of the speakers in our PA thus rendering it unusable. Anyway, the guys at the venue basically decided to screw us again and only gave us $160 despite the fact that we made them at least $1500 in alcohol sales for the night, and kept the hoodrats out.

      My cover band on the other hand, averages about $600 or so for the whole band, and we're only a 3-piece. So that works out.
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