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    This is happening in less than four hours.
    The band is make up of pick up musicians and they are all artists in their own right hence the name, The Pick Up Artists
    I've sung lead before but never a whole set. This is a short 5 song set to fill 20 to 30 minutes. I asked some great players I know to back me up. Gave them CD's of the songs I'm covering and everybody wrote their own chart. We had one rehearsal a week ago and tonight we do it in front of people. It will be rough around the edges but I'm okay with that. It's gone so well a couple of the guys have said this doesn't have to die after we're done tonight. We'll see.
    We're covering Little Feat, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Tiny Town, The Beatles, and Dave Edmunds. By covering I don't mean we aim to sound like each band, just us playing their songs.
    I'll post a follow up.

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    Sounds like a good time Ron. I'd rather being doing that, than watching your Nashville Predators smash the St.Louis Blues. They were winning 3-0 , now losing 5-3!

    I wish there were musicians around here!