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how to start a band?

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    Your right benn!
    Being famous is not the be all and end all and it is not the measuring stick to weather or not you can have a life in music and or as a musician!
    I love playing my drums, I have been for over 20 years and it is still fun!
    I am playing with a band and we are writing and recording music that we love to play and to listen too!
    No pressure, if no one else likes it then cool, we don't care cause we love it!
    Sure we dream of doing some cool stuff and hope it takes us into the future but that is not why we do what we do, if fame was the be all and end all I would just rob a bank, that'll get me on the tv!
    The truth about life is if you are standing in the wings ready to go at all times then you know what, you might just get the gig but if you are always negative and thinking the chances are slim then yeah, you just become the millions that don't make it!
    Stay focused once you can see passed your own nose and things will happen!


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      You guys are all pretty much dead on. Still, just find the right people to jam with, whether its covers or originals, and find that groove. That chemistry between you and the bass player. And just play.


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        I think we've missed the thread! How to start a solid band.
        You all need to have a common sense as to what your goal is. (genre). Then, along with what I wrote previously, just do it! Stay level headed. And have fun.
        My Dad used to say,"It you're not enjoying it. You shouldn't be doing it."


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          That depends what you want to do...

          Find males with similar tastes and ideologies as yourself. Be friends. You now have a Band of Merry Men.

          Find persons with similar skill and ambition as yourself. Be coworkers. You now have a Band of Thieves.

          Find persons with alternating short and tall builds, and tolerance of two-person costumes as yourself. Be partners. You now have a Band of Horses.


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            What's that mean? A band of horses. I've never heard of that.Thanks.


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              im 12 and wat is this