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    Hi! everyone I have a 3set of Afros Elite Congas . I love them I play them more than my LP's , I have had them so long that the skins have had thier day , so I went and bought a set (3) Remo NuSkyns , the first thing I noticed was that it takes alot more tension to get these's skins to tune right is that good on the rims or not , so much tension I think they might twist or bend, but they sound realy nice , thie just right sound very naturel whole bass sounds slaps are crisp but with no big ring I like them , just was wondering about the tension , thanks

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    I use the NuSkyns as well, and never had a problem with the rims. The heads do seat lower than the natural skins, so it appears that your tension rods are being cranked to the point of "bottoming out", but you shouldn't have any problems.

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      Hi -

      I also use the NuSkyns on all my Pearl congas, bongos, and 14" djembe and I'm very happy with them.

      However, Glen is right. The NuSkyns do seat differently on the Pearl congas (the heads are slightly larger than the Pearl stock heads) so be careful to seat them carefully before tightening them down.
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