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Playing pandeiro w/ brushes; BSP Cradle

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  • Playing pandeiro w/ brushes; BSP Cradle

    I was playing a plastic Torelli pandeiro for a few years. The plastic began to crack in a few spots under the jingles, even though I would not say I was abusing it in any way. More recently I bought the Remo samba model, with wood composite frame and synthetic head that mimics real hide. It also has only 5 sets of jingles, where as my old one had 6. I am liking this new one, a lot.

    I play it with brushes, mostly. I find I can control how much or how little jingle I get, simply with the brush angle. It does not have a mounting clamp (like the LP Stanton Moore model). Instead I use this neat gimmick called a 'tambourine cradle', by Black Swamp Percussion. Mounts onto a cymbal stand, or can be used for table-top playing. The latter method is a pretty convenient thing, as I can toss the pandeiro, the cradle and a pair of retractable brushes into the bag, if I am going to a party or cookout or what-have-you. If by chance some folks pull out their guitars to pick a little, I am ready to be the drummer.

    Your pandeiro or tambourine rests on the elastic cord. I also use a 10" frame drum, that I'll swap in if I don't want any jingling at all.
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