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  • Bell tree mounting

    does anyone on here know the best way to mount a bell tree (same as in the image) in a kit setup, I tried a small pearl table but it seemed too heavy and the table bent slightly. Its quite old so I don't want to drill it or anything, and haven't space for the larger table. Also, need it to be portable so it can travel to gigs with my kit. BTW, the thing is quite heavy and about 18" tall with a 7"x6" base.

    Click image for larger version

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    I would mount one or two clamps to both the ends of the metal rod (with or withouth soldering)

    A bit like LP's Bell Tree but without the backplate.


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      Most of the solid ideas I can think of, would involve drilling and screwing into the wood.
      Such as attaching a flange to the bottom base (like a flange from underneath the seat of an old drum stool), and then mount it onto the shaft of a cymbal stand.


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        You could try using bungee cords to attach it to the side of your floor tom.

        Anyway, here is what I would do .. screw this to the wooden base of your bell tree, and mount onto a stand or post.
        I salvaged this from a busted kiddie drum stool before I tossed it away. 4 & 1/4" diameter. Have yet to find a use for it ...happy to send it to you, free of charge, if you ever wanted to try that idea.

        How does it sound, by the way ? I guess you must like the sound quite well, if you want to built it into your regular drum set.
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          Thanks for the offer and idea, but i had another idea, similar to yours, without drilling. Use a similar mount to yours, or a pearl tom mount and arm, and a little MDF to make a small clamped table with a small lip with would support it. Don't bother sending me the mount though, you'd be paying a fortune sending it to the UK from the US.

          PS: it sounds great and i like to play older Neil Peart stuff, which uses one, and it sounds much better than a sample of one.
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            I use the LP bell tree. I usually mount it to my LP percussion table. I would recommend getting two brackets welded to the rear of the plate. You can then set it up on a cymbal stand.
            Sadly the LP has just the one bracket. I've had it for years though and it has never fallen off nor broken. You can see the bracket in this pic.

            Check out my incomplete snare drum collection thread. I like it and think it is quite charming. :)