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  • Conga decision help

    I'm finally looking into getting some congas but I'm not sure if I should get one top of the line conga or two low end congas. Anyone have advice? There are +'s to both but I'm tending to lean towards getting one really nice one and then getting another later one.

    Thanks for any advice,

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    I am a firm believer, budget permitting, that if I am going to get serious about an instrument, although I might be at a beginner's level or not gigging in that instrument for awhile, that you should always get the top of the line.

    What happens is that later, and most likely it will happenned, you will want to get the top of the line and it becomes a "hassle" trying to get rid of the "mid level" instrument that you do not want anymore, specially if you are waiting to sell it to get the "top of the line".

    It happenned to me once and I will not do it again. By trying to save a couple of hundred bucks or even less, sometimes is worth waiting a little bit, saving the extra money and getting the "top of the line".


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      save yourself some headache, buy quality.
      "garbage in, garbage out"