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Retrofit Pearl Championship Tenors (8/10/12/13) to become "Adult Size" (10/12/13/14)

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  • Retrofit Pearl Championship Tenors (8/10/12/13) to become "Adult Size" (10/12/13/14)

    I'm in the process of retrofitting my program's Championship series Tenors that are 8/10/12/13 into a full size set 10/12/13/14.

    How do I go about drilling the holes for re-positioning the tenor drums on the spacers and then the bar?
    Is there a template floating around for such a venture?

    The drums are only 3 year old and I can't see going out and buying a few new sets of tenors, the budget and my better judgement simply won't allow it. I've searched far and wide and have come up empty handed so far as information regarding this endeavor.

    Any tips, advice, anecdotes or limericks would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, buddies!