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PMT 680234 Hardware Issues

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  • PMT 680234 Hardware Issues


    I couldn't find a way to contact Customer Service via the webpage. I have a set of Championship Tenors (6,8,10,12,13,14) that were purchased new in December. The drums were all drilled inconsistently - they were not level even after adjustment. I removed the rims, loosened the mounting bolts, placed them upside-down on a flat surface and tightened the mounting bolts and was unable to get them to level. The 6" spock was drilled 3/4" lower than the 8" as well. They have sat in my office since their purchase on a Pear MTS stand (never marched or placed on a carrier). I replaced the stock spacer mounts with the Dynasty cradle system and when I removed the spacer between drums 1 & 2, the bolt broke when I removed it. I didn't over turn it, it had simply fatigued from resting on the stand - I don't know if this happens a lot, but given the weight of that set it appears that there is a significant amount of pressure on those two little bolts. It is acting as a fulcrum when on a stand, and took less than two weeks to sag. My suggestion is to add another spacer of the same type (2 each) between drums to reinforce the mount and distribute some of the weight, or design some sort of rail similar to Dynasty's setup. As I said before, the drums are GREAT, but the mounting hardware leaves something to be desired. Since mounting my drums on the rail, they are perfectly level and have required zero adjustment. This project added significant cost to my drums, but resulted in a far superior product in my experience/opinion. I was initially very disappointed with the fit and assembly of the drums, but since remounting them I couldn't be happier with them. The snare (13" Championship FFX), on the other hand, was perfect right out of the box. It is the instrument I wish I had in the '80s and '90s. I will always recommend Pearl Drums, but look forward to the day when I can do it without having to include the standard caveat regarding adjustment.