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White max vs Black max

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  • White max vs Black max

    Are there any differences in sound or feel?

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    Minor amounts for both. I've always felt that the Black Max has a deeper and warmer tone, as well as a slightly softer feel on the hands than the White Max.

    It really depends on the tuning, you can make almost any head sounds or feel like another one. I've had Hybrid's feel like table tops, and Max's feel like mylar heads.

    My preference for these two heads - Black Max every time - but that's because I played the White's throughout high school and never liked how they felt.
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      I really like the Black Max's. They are easier on the hands then their white counterparts.
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        there is an interview with Scott Johnson from years ago when the "Black Max" first hit the scene were he discusses how the devils that first year would be staying with the falam head because of issues with detuning because they were black and took on to much heat. I have since seen the devils use that head though. I remember before they were on the market Brett Kuhn walking out to a camp I was at and put one on a snare... it was more of a screen door at the time. (I remember if you held it up to the light you could kinda see through it )

        I have always rolled with the white ones.
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          I like the sound and look of the black over white. White always gets dirty when you are hitting it, i also think the sound is slightly better in the black on my FFX Championship


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            Blacks look great, but I feel the whites have a more crisp sound. I've used hybrids mainly, but would prefer the black still over the white.