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  • Drumline.

    Hey guys! Drumline tryouts ended today and I'm playing fourth bass. We're only having four this year but we're doing bass's 2 3 4 and 5 idk why. But I just wanted to know if anybody had any tips or anything for bass? Or Marching?

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    make sure you never walk straight when you ar not walking wit the rest of the line so you can see
    i found that out the hard way when i tripped over traffic cone i didnt see coming and did a face plant into the drum
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      You can always copy the old Spirit of Atlanta trick and mount car rearview mirrors on the top of the rim on one side. This is particularly useful if your drill involves a lot of backing up. It is terrible to be going full speed backwards and slam into that piccolo player that you didn't know was there.

      Another idea is what The Blue Devils did in the early 80s. They wore the large drums so high that they wound up cutting a viewing area through the shell so that the player could see ahead where he was going.
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        Marching bass drum is a strange beast.
        One thing that helps is spacial awareness. Try to get a feel for how large you are with the drum on, and gauge distance accordingly. Doing drill sectionals with your line will help a LOT.
        Also, work really hard on making sure your marching technique is fluid and smooth. A bouncing bass drummer is easy to spot from a mile away, seeing as how you're wearing a giant white circle.
        And as always, practice with a metronome.
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