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Marching Band Drumline Tryouts!

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  • Marching Band Drumline Tryouts!

    Any tips?
    Any ways to impress the instructor for a better chance?!?!

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    try and throw in some stick tricks and try to memorize the audition piece
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      The best way to impress your instructor is to play the material as well as you possibly can. Don't just learn the music, master it, understand it inside and out, be ready to play anything at any time.

      Listen to everything, pay attention, give your mind to the instructor the whole time.

      If someone of authority asks you to do something, do it and get it done, no one likes a whiner.

      Don't gloat about anything either, instructors don't like people who brag or act like they're big headed about everything, stay humble about everything.

      Take any critism with an open mind; if you're doing something wrong and someone decides to fix it for you, just try to stay on top of it, retention is a good thing.

      Don't try to "show off" by playing stick tricks and tosses and whatnot; if the music doesn't call for it, don't do it. If you can't play the music you're given, playing tricks wont help your cause at all.

      Sorry if it sounds mean, or rough, but that's how it was for me in HS and that's how they sort of do things during drum corps auditions. If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to help if I can.
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