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Learning To Play Tenors.

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  • Learning To Play Tenors.

    Hey guys!
    I know a couple things on tenors not much at all and our director already said before tryouts this year that one guy will be on tenors because both of our tenor players now ( Seniors ) are obviously leaving. And he was going to put this other guy on them but he does not want to do them. I was wondering if you guys could give me:
    And also tell me things I should know to try out!

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    get your self a set of tenors or a practice pad and the music you will be playing and practice and be prepared cuz they are pretty heavy
    biggest mistake i see people doing on tenors is playing in the middle of the head,
    you aresupposed to play about half way between the center and the rim
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      Yeah, as tenor man said never play in the center of the head always play halfway between the rim and the center. If you see people around the internet talking about tenor "zones", those are your zones, referring to your playing zone. Also, i'm pretty sure you know how to read tenor music already so as far as technique and stuff goes...

      - Always keep your shoulders still when playing, yet relaxed, there should be no shoulder movement when you play, although it is kind of hard to do when doing crossovers.

      - When doing crossovers, if you are doing a crossover that is only one drum over you should cross around where you grip the stick and sort of around the fulcrum. When doing crossovers that are more than one drum over you should cross at the wrist.

      - Keep in mind tenors are VERY heavy, the heaviest drum/drums in the drumline. Even though they are very heavy when marching try to keep your torso straight and still. (This goes along with keeping your shoulders still.) Try not to move your hips a lot when marching, try to maintain that balanced, straight torso but keep marching correctly, properly, and smoothly.

      - And i'm sure you know this already, but just in case you don't; Never look down at your drum/drums whilst playing, look forward and keep your eyes on your drum major most of the time.

      I hope this helps, and i'll post some videos that i found helpful
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