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    We just got a whole new set of gloss black pearls and all new carriers aswell. Haven't used them yet, though.
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      we have silver yamahas that are just one season old. nice. but havent had the heads changed yet. just got $850 worth of heads in today. im excited

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        The high school im going to next year uses Yamaha sfz that have chrome hardware and were just refinished to a silver sparkle from Drum Foundry. They use Evans hybrid heads.
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          Yamaha SFZ snares
          Yamaha Field Corps basses and quints
          Zildjian Stadiums

          Excellent gear, though our school spent over $2 million this year for a new FieldTurf football field... for a team that won one game this season.
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          You use a projection ride as a crash?! What do you use as a ride, a gong?


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            Youngstown State University- Black on Black Dynasties, deep-shell large block sixpacks, shorty snares, and 16, 18, 22, 24, 28 basses.

            Springfield Local High School (Where I teach)- Midnight Black Pearl Championship 6-8-10-12-14 quints, 14x12 FFX snares, and 16, 18, 22, 24, 26 basses. The bottom 3 are Pearl Champiomships that were there when I was hired, I ordered the top 2 but had to go with the Competitors in Midnight Black due to budget.


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              yamaha field corps basses, quints, and snares
              selling pearl reference scarlet fade toms! pm me!
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              tenors: 6/6/10/12/13/14
              snare: 13x11
              yamaha field corps marching bass: 14


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                Woodinville high school uses 5 14" Yamaha SFZ snares, 18-20-22-24-26 Power-Lite bass drums, Field Corps tenors (8-10-12-13), and some old Zildjian Avedis "multi-application: concert-marching-jazz" 18" cymbals. We use Evans Hybrid snare heads, MX tenor heads, and (soon to be) MX2 bass heads.