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Redid my other kit! Pics inside!

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  • Redid my other kit! Pics inside!

    Here is the before pictures when I first got the kit from my friends house.
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    Here she is right now, after I put some pinstripes on it, painted the drums blue, added some good hardware/cymbals, and spray painted the bass reso/put hole in it.

    Also, I'm probally going to get a EMAD for the batter side. I can't stand the Remo SUCKS! Lucky I mic it and can EQ it when i'm playing...if not i'd be screwed!

    Anyways, heres the pictures. The first two pictures are with the flash on!

    NOTE: The finish/stain looks more like the picture where the flash is off. (In real life...thats what it looks like if you'd walk up to it.) 00**
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      Ehh....don't mind the red bass hoop. I tried taking the wrap off the hoop in the batter side hoop; but there was so much glue underneath. I just wanted to set it up and take pictures, so i'll take the glue/rest of the wrap off the hoops later.

      I will probally just buy 2 black ones.

      ALSO...please don't give me any greif that my kit is set up like Travis Barkers...

      Yes- I like blink 182
      Yes- I think hes a very good drum player
      No- I'm not obsessed w/ him and base my kits setup off his ( not bashing you other guys...)

      So basically...I think the setup is comfortable and honestly, if you want to say that it is setup like Travis' be. He has a comfortable setup. So what? Grow up. Sorry for that rant, I just know im going to get some Travis . If you think my kit is setup liek Travis's...take a look at my forum. Its nothing like his.

      Here is everyones favorite picture...the drivers view.
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        Lookin' good.
        I'd say just go find some all chrome bass drum hoops.


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          Yea. You think chrome or black would look better? I'm guessing chrome since thats what you said. Sorry, I'm out of it.

          Anyways, I dunno. You can't really see the glue on my batter head hoop, so that looks chrome in the picture. I think black would look nicer. I know I know...I shoudl do what I want. I just want you guys opinioin too.


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            Awesome work man!! I really would like to do that to an old kit some day!
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              Yea, it was great fun. I learned alot of stuff too. For one....paint/stain dosen't come out looking like a laquer. *cry*


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                Looks awesome dude! Good work. Nice cymbals too!




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                  Thanks. I get comments on my cymbals in every thread where I post my kit(s).

                  Those HHX/AAX/A Customs's are popular!

                  Oh can't forget the Wuhan!


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                    Well it sure is a big improvement.

                    Nice job Tju. Your Forum is nice too.
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                      You did an outstanding job man. It looks 100x better.
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                        You got that from your friends house? cool...

                        Great job BTW
                        Originally posted by sketterman
                        I guess the Emo guys hit the cymbals real hard because they hate their dads or something.




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                          Yeah, that kit's looking pretty tidy.
                          My feet feel fine. It's everything else that sucks!!



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                            Great work Tju85 !!! A real nice job !! You made my day bro !!!!! Eric G.
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                              thats awesome Tju..looks like a nice little kit there..congrats!
                              I play with strings and sticks.