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    I keep my kit in cases so if I get a last minute call I can leave in an instant. I have a Mapex Meridian Birch kit to play here. Unfortunately it also means I don't get to play them all of the time but when I do, what a treat! Playing the kit is a joy but also when I listen back later on my Zoom recorder the sound of the Session Select kit kicks my butt! Those drums sound so good! I play out 5 piece, 10, 12, 14, I can always add the 16. I also have the 8" and the matching 6.5" snare. I think I'm also settled on my cymbals set-up for gigs now, all Sabian:
    22" Monarch
    18" HH
    16" HHX Evolution
    15" Monarch Hats

    Congratulations on your drums, gorgeous kit!