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    Originally posted by joshvibert View Post
    Because this is the formerly-owned kits thread. The DW's are currently-owned as are the BSF Masters in my sig and also my little MIJ kit.
    Got it

    I guess we can look forward to a new DW kit thread...........................


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      Originally posted by dudewuttheheck View Post
      Great stories and nice kits. Even with the deedubs included, that masters kit was by far my favorite! Still, if you prefer DW then I'm glad you were finally get a new kit from them. We do need pics asap of course!
      Originally posted by steadypocket View Post
      I enjoyed your walk down memory lane. The red wine Masters was gorgeous. Must have been hard to part with it. Thanks for sharing.
      Thanks for the comments everyone! Yeah, the Masters was a gorgeous kit. I did keep the snare drum! It's a beautiful looking and sounding drum, plus it has some special memories for me:

      Fletch Drum 1 by ASH556, on Flickr
      Fletch Drum 2 by ASH556, on Flickr

      That kid absolutely loves the drums. A couple weeks ago I was packing my MIJ kit into cases to take to a session and he came in and started crying and trying to pull the drums back out of the cases. Then, yesterday morning as I was packing up the Masters kit, the same thing happened. The MIJ kit is still in cases because I did another session with it last Friday and I haven't gotten around to unpacking it yet. The DW's are not setup yet (Wife's rule was no DW's until the Masters are sold, lol) and he came in the room to find no drums to play so he started fussing. I handed him a stick and the 10" DW tom and life was good again!

      Probably the funniest stories, though, are about my wife having to chase him down the aisle in church on Sunday morning because he's trying to come up on stage and get behind the kit with me. I love that little guy!

      Here he is behind the BSF MCX kit @ church (that's the pastor's wife holding him):
      Untitled by ASH556, on Flickr
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        That's great Josh, looks like you have a little Buddy Rich in the making...............................Keep up the good work.