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new to the forum: Allegra Mastercraft kit...

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  • new to the forum: Allegra Mastercraft kit...

    As said in the title I just joined, so I figured for a first post might as well post up the kit haha... This is my first kit Dave and Tony built for me as an Allegra artist... I have a second kit in the works as of right now (with slightly different sizes) but this guy is not going anywhere since it sounds so damn good haha...

    Allegra Mastercraft 6 ply maple w/ 10 ply maple hoops in automotive lacquer
    14x14 (not pictured)
    6.5x13 aluminum shell snare w/ 10 ply maple hoops

    edit: all toms have vintage emperor coated on top, clear ambassadors on bottom... kick has a powerstroke3 clear on the batter and a powerstroke3 fiberskin on the reso... snare has a ambassador hazy bottom and a powerstroke4 coated on top which I cut the dampening ring out of... I also use twisted 20 strand puresound snare wires on my snare drum

    Meinl Byzance Traditional
    14" medium hats
    22" medium crash
    24" medium ride

    (2x's) Yamaha single braced convertible booms
    (2x's) DW 9000 snare stands
    DW 9000 single pedal
    DW 9000 hi hat stand
    Rock N' Soc Nitro throne

    As well as the new kit I have some DW 9700 boom/straight stands, a 9002 double pedal, Byzance 20" medium crash, Byzance 18" china and a Tradionals 8" med bell coming soon... the kit plays AMAZING and is hands down the best kit I have ever played (blows my previous few kits including a starclassic exotix out of the water)...
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    Welcome to the PDF, and really sweet kit! I think those are some of the more desireable sizes I can think of in the current drum market, I'd love a 1-up, 2-down with a 20" kick.

    Allegra makes beautiful drums, I live 10 blocks down the street from them!


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      one of the best looking kits i've ever seen

      those sizes are perfect too, im thinking of building a similar kit this summer
      and now this just makes me want to do it more and more!

      any other pics?
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        Beautiful kit and welcome to the Forum !!
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          I'll get some other photos tonight when I return home from work... the new kit is going to be a bit different (20x24, 6.5x12, and a 14x16 in a charcoal finish with a special snare drum dave and I are coming up with haha...)


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            My my, that's a beauty.

            Awesome kit, congratulations.
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              Welcome to the PDF! That's a very lovely Allegra kit! I'm blessed to be able to play on Allegra kits almost every day at my college. They really are some of the nicest drums out there! Their shell hardware designs are pure genious, although I have a bit of a gripe with the floor tom leg holders - they tend to come loose and it can greatly affect the tuning of those 3 lugs and the sound of your floor toms. Other than that, the attention to detail and build quality is stellar.


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                the kits absolutely beautiful. welcome to the forum!


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                  Holy smokes, that kit is gorgeous! You really can't beat a natural finish, especially with wood hoops. Welcome to the forum!
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                    That is one of the nicest kits i've seen on here in quite some time. Everything about it is pretty much perfection. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we would love some more pictures!
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                      Holy wow! That's one of the most beautiful kits I've ever seen on the forum. The natural finish, the wood hoops, the Allegra lugs, the sizes...everything is so gorgeous! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!

                      I think it's kinda' funny, though, that you have this size of kit, yet you have a rock/pop/punk kit with all Meinls coming up. It seems almost ironic, when you think about it. I would've never thought that those two kits would coincide with the same drummer. **scratches head**
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                        Stunning kit and finish fella, very jealous. Can't beat a nice setup like that, it's my fav setup when gigging.

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                          Very impressive kit!
                          Welcome to here.
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                            amazing kit dude! love the natural finish and the lugs, nice cymbals too
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                              Love it! Rep to you buddy!
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