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Matt's Pearl+BlackPanther+Dream Kit

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  • Matt's Pearl+BlackPanther+Dream Kit

    Here's the current set-up. I got a few quick pictures today.

    I have added the following items (since the last pictures):

    -Dream Bliss 15" Hi-Hats
    -Dream Bliss 19" Crash/Ride
    -Dream Bliss 22" Ride
    -Wood Hoops on my 13" BP Snare
    -Put my 10" Rack tom back on the kit
    -Evans Coated G1 Batter for my 13" snare, 10" and 14" toms
    -New cymbal felts, sleeves, wingnuts and washers
    -Trimmed hi-hat rod

    I think that is all of the changes i've made since my last pictures.

    I didn't really get to play today, so I may tweak the set-up a bit on friday when i go jam. I will probably get some videos on friday.

    Kit Specs (Heads-Evans):
    20x16 Pearl Export Kick Drum (EMAD / EQ3 Reso)
    14x14 Pearl Export Floor Tom (Coated G1 / Clear G1)
    10x8 Pearl Export Rack Tom (Coated G1 / Clear G1)
    13x5.5 Black Panther Maple Snare - Wood Hoops (Coated G1 / Hazy 300)

    Cymbal Specs (weight in grams):
    15" Dream Bliss Hi-Hats (912/1125)
    19" Dream Bliss Crash/Ride (1420)
    22" Dream Bliss Ride (2375)

    Pearl Hardware
    Pork Pie Throne
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      Beautiful Matt. The Dreams are excellent, the snare is excellent, the setup is excellent and you need to make a new vid whenever you can.
      It just looks so good with wood hoops!
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        you think it looks good, you ought to hear it!

        I should also add, that the rack tom does have a bit of an angle to it so that it is a bit easier to play with my left hand when using traditional grip.


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          Love the setup dude...and the BP looks absolutely HOT with the wood hoops.


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            So Matt, tell me bro... just how right was I about you needing some wood hoops on your Panther ?

            They look phenomenal bro. I don't doubt that you're absolutely stoked on the sound and feel of them. I remember when I got mine, it felt like a completely different drum. And I still love the natural finish/wood hoop combo. Looks so classy. It really sets off the kit as a whole, I think.

            Dreams are still lookin' sick, as always, and the setup just flows. Very nice.

            Congrats bro.
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              Really nice looking kit man. I love the new cymbals and congrats on finally getting everything sorted with the wood hoops etc!

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                Looking good. How do you like that head combo on your toms? I have the same heads coming in tomorrow and we have the same shells, so I'd like to know how yours sound. I'm just a little bit worried about them sounding too bright.
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                -16" K Dark Crash
                -(cracked) 24" K Light Ride
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                  Perfection! The setup, the wood hoops, the dreams, everything looks stellar. I'd rep you, but I have to spread, haha.
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                    I want a wood hoop BP now. Haha, good stuff.


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                      Yeah man I've never seen a BP with wood hoops... looking nice!
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                        thats fresh mang! we've almost got the same cymbals aswell!
                        tell me, was your elim hi hat stand worth the investment?


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                          Oh yeah I forgot to add, rod looks good! Still could use a little more cutting but I know you don't want to risk anything.
                          Paiste Cymbals Artist | Innovative Percussion Artist


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                            thanks for all the compliments!!

                            The wood hoops now complete me. i can't help but do rimshots and rimclicks (cross sticks, rim taps, whatever you call them) these wood hoops amaze me.

                            Tay-- You were so right, i'd like to think that we can now form the alliance of natural on natural wood hooped snare drums, and be the two coolest members ever.

                            Sam-- I was skeptical about the G1 on my floor tom, but honestly, i adore the sound i get out of my 14x14 with the head combo, it's low, rumbly and totally roars. it's most definitely my favorite head combo i have ever had on this floor tom. as for the rack tom, the coated g1 over clear g1, was good, it took a little more work than the floor tom, and i don't have it totally where i want it, but will get it there friday...

                            Jeffrey-- my home dawg, the hi-hat rod i actually cut off about 4 or 5 inches. i just hated to hack it all off in case someday i want it higher for some reason.

                            adzbro-- the elim hi hat stand is a GREAT stand. however, since i use a single pedal, i think i would have been just as happy with an h1000, i really wish there was a 3 leg 2000 series hi hat stand. however, if you are going to use it with a double pedal, which i did for a year or so, it's amazing! well, i mean, it's amazing regardless, sometimes i just wish it had a third leg.


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                              New Videos Friday