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what sould i add to my kit???

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  • what sould i add to my kit???

    ok, i have a yamaha yd 5pc. kit with 16 and 17" crashes, 20" ride, and hihats. should i add another crash (17or18") or a china?
    Yamaha YD
    Tama Starclassic Birch
    Epiarch custom
    Pearl Maxwin vintage
    Ludwig Supraphonic/Acrolite vintage
    Sabian AAX, HH, HHX, Paragon, HHX Evo, B20
    Zildjian A Custom, Avedis vintage
    Originally posted by DrUmZ_fOr_LyFe
    i dont use the hihat pedal
    im 11

    Looking for 16" starclassic birch in walnut

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    I'd suggest a china or trashformer--something that would be a new sound, depending, of course on what kind of music you like to play.
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      I'd suggest you get a china since you already have 2 crashes.
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        a 18" china would be great
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          Here's the next 2 cymbals you should buy.

          If you play metal/rock/loud....Get an 18" china, then get a 10" splash.

          If you play more medium volume genres.....Get an 8" splash, then get a 16" or 18" china.