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    I bought a BLX Bass Drum off of aGuy I work with for a 100$, it came with a H&B Fiber case and the bass drum was brand spanking new. The moment I saw I knew I had to build a Kit around it, so I ordered up a 13x9 tom and a 16x16 floor. My snare was a lucky guess I suppose: I had never heard a 5 inch free-floating Brass snare before, but since I work in a music store I could risk it... and I'm glad I got it. Everything on this kit Is exactly the way I expected it to sound... perfect. Let's just hope that 18 inch floor tom I ordered sounds as killer as the rest of my... I'm not worried.

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    very nice kit, I like that setup I had my set that way for a while, but went with a bigger set. More versitile in my opinion, but enjoy your kit, looks fun to play.
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      i like
      Best drum kit in the world!


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        Not too shabby!
        My self-built bebop kit, natural finish.

        I am trying to rid from my life all that I can do without, including drum gear.
        I am selling:
        Sabian 17" AA Metal-X Crash
        Sabian 18" AA Heavy Ride
        Sabian 14" B8Pro Medium Hihats
        Zildjian 18" Oriental China Trash

        Please PM if interested.


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          I like it, very nice
          I wish that one thing came back from 80's metal: the ability for rock to change the physical properties of things. Like they could go up to a Geo Metro and go 'squibbily blabbily boo' and you have a sleek Lambourgini. Thanks, Night Ranger!