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  • I got some Sennheiser HD650s to help with mixing. They're amazing. Now I just need to figure out what amp to get to power them.


    • Originally posted by RG1820X View Post
      I just saw the prices on the Reference Brass snares. Wow - they are really expensive.

      . . . and the 8" is a sensitive snare with a large dynamic range (so I try to speak kindly to it).
      Yeah, they've really skyrocketed in price the last few years unfortunately. Especially over the last year; about a year ago they were right under or at ~$1,200, now they're hitting over $1,500. Blegh.

      And LMAO, oh I bet so! Nothing about that snare speaks softly, but it sure as hell carries a big stick XD
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      Originally posted by Maark
      What happens when the Unstoppable Banhammer meets the Immovable Alan12? I think the universe would implode.
      Originally posted by space jeff
      yeah, but I'm the Jeff that Jeff talks about when he talks about "the Jeff" to other Jeffs.