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  • Auditions from hell...

    I was just thinking about some of the bands that I tried out for and how sometimes things just turned really sour. One group I tried out for had a really bad attitude. "All drummers are axxxxxxxs" I was told before even getting my kit set up. Man, talk about hostile. They told me all their drummers had quit. I wonder why? I left before setting anything up.

    Then there was a bunch of guys who seemed real nice. We jammed out a few tunes and I decided they weren't what I was looking for (they had no look and no talent). They told me I was in. I told them I was out. They said I was in. I said I was out. I almost had to call the cops to get my kit out of there.

    Then there was the guitarist who arrived with a 1957 Les Paul. He didn't like the color, so he sanded it off. He left the pickups in it when he did. He also found the Les Paul too heavy, so he chiseled out the back to make it lighter. Scratch one legendary guitar. The guy couldn't play if his life depended on it.

    I know there must be some great stories out there.

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      My god, that's really frightening 1-2...

      I've played with some of the larger acts in Portland, some of whom had been practically begging me to play with them and found that the thing that I hate most in a band is control freaks and ego maniacs.

      One in particular with a group who will remain unnamed who would give you an idea of a beat, and sort of tap it out, or make the noises associated with each of the would-be drums, and said "Or something like that" and been stopped every minute or two of playing with a comment like "No, I wanted you to play this....blahbblahblahblah, or something like that" and even if I was playing EXACTLY what they wanted they'd ***** about it. Needless to say when they called me to join them, I declined , probably not so nicely either.


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        I tried out for the all southern jazz band in the beginning of 8th grade. I didn't make it. The waiting line was outside. In Winter. My hands were a beautiful shade of blue by the time I got in there. My muscles were too tight and I was sluggish and my samba wasn't happening. It was just humiliating. And I was the only drummer to try out that day, so they couldn't compare it to anyone else playing after the cold. I just felt like "why did I even show up?" was what they were saying. Oh well, that event was good for me. When I didn't make it, it drove me crazy and that was my greatest learning year so far. It drove me to get better.

        In 8th grade again. These punk chics needed a drummer for a school assembly. So I got there and the teacher was obviously a toker and he thought they were awesome. So I sit down and I count it off, 1, ..2,.. 1, 2, 3, 4,......And they don't start with me. I ask them whats up, and they tell me they don't like the way I count off. I say, alright, then you can do it! So the twon girls look at eachother and say "Ready Go!" And they both start off out of time. I just laughed when they tried to teach me to start when they did. I ditched that gig the next day.


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            Ceiran has it right !

            A lot of guitar players:

            Don't know what beat or groove they really want. (You will hear: "it's a shuffle" and the groove is really something else!)

            Have shi**y time and will mess up the count off....or
            with the above mentioned shi**y time does an intro only to modulate the tempo a beat or two before the band comes in.
            Or...... still having shi**y time plays the either the pushes on a shuffle or 2 & 4 during a slow blues totally blowing the groove.

            Thinks a pocket is the place he keeps his wallet (or extra picks.)

            Doesn't know how to convey what the song is like without actually playing it. (Sometimes even that doesn't work)

            Play too busy and way too loud and don't care too much about the drummer. (They are, after all, up front.)

            Hears the drummer play an ACCENT, and promptly turns up his volume.

            Asks the drummer if he can "move over a foot or two" AFTER he's set up his 7 piece kit.

            What did I leave out?

            PS: This DOES NOT apply for those out there that drum AND play guitar. My fav guitarist also drummed and his phrasing was KILLER.
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              how bout busting a snare head? I was trying out for the jazz band and there was a slight crack in the head. I didnt think much of it, until it like shattered and pieces were flying everywhere. Maybe he felt bad for me, but he let me into the jazz band and I gave him a new head lol
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