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The Forum isn't a kid's set, is it?

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  • The Forum isn't a kid's set, is it?

    Long story short, is the Forum set a full-sized drum kit, or is it smaller for a kid? Read on for details.

    Hi, my name is Mike and I'm 21 years old and 5'10". I'm shopping around for my first (real) drum kit and the Forum set has caught my eye due to the fact that it's relatively affordable and comes with hardware and symbols (the latter of which I'll upgrade, but still, they're included so it's a nice bonus). I'm even planning to put some Evans heads on them so I get a better sound. The problem is that every time I search for the Forum online, the majority of people I see using it are kids around 14 years old or so. One review even said something like, "yeah I bought the Forum for my 10 year old daughter..."

    So my concern is whether or not the Forum is a full-fledged drum kit or not. Like I said, I'm a 21 year old guy who stands at 5'10". I'm sure a lot of kids have it because their parents buy it because it's an all-in-one package and it's affordable. I'd rather buy a nice shell pack and customize from there but it just isn't in the budget right now, but I DO NOT want to be playing on something that's like a junior set or something.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?


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    The Forum is a full-sized kit, I've seen some players gig with them. But, they are relatively inexpensive and somewhat cheap in build compared to what many more experienced players jam with. As a starter set for any age I think they are fine. Once you get to being a better player you'll also strive for the best sound out of your drums and will most likely want a better quality kit. Most parents aren't going to go buy their 14 year old kids a Reference and typically start with a Forum until their kids either get better or get bored and give up drumming.
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      Welcome......I owned a Forum that I bought new about a year and a half ago for a lot of the same reasons. It is a full size kit with all the trimmings. It's a good start and sounds decent. You can fix it up with numerous upgrades, then... all you have is a fancier Forum kit.

      Stop..... learn from my mistake since you asked.

      I quickly caught the upgrade bug and went to work. New heads, cymbals, hardware on and on and on. Then I figured out I wanted maple shells (another shell pack basically as Forum shells are made of poplar wood). I spent a lot of time and effort liquidating my Forum on Evil Bay (ebay joke since your new). Months later I finally managed to sell it off piece by piece (only way to get a lot of your money back on lower grade kits it seems) and picked up what is now a really nice USED Pearl Vision VMX kit with 100% maple shells. The good thing is I kept a lot of the (upgraded) hardware and cymbals and now have a kit I'm really proud of. You would be surprised at how cheap you can find a 4 piece shell pack (ebay, craigslist, MAYBE guitar center but b careful) and build from there. Don't get sucked in by payment plans on the new ones like I did

      You'll like the Forum, you'll LOVE a higher grade kit. Buy used and collect what you really want even if it's slower and piece by piece. That's my advice.
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      Originally posted by ashmaple
      ... so I secretely wanna see him 'bust his gear out when he's doing their gig in front of the crowds that lead into Make a legendary show. Hajahaha.


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        Thanks for the input, guys. Honestly Johnboy (love that name by the way), I'd love to go piece by piece but in my line of work (broke college kid with a grocery store job) it's just not feasible right now. I played on this junk Frankenstein/hodgepodge of a "kit" for a few years (that wasn't even worth fixing, trust me) and once that bit it I knew I had to get an actual set to satisfy my need to drum. I'll probably pick up the Forum soon and make cymbal and head upgrades and that'll last me for a while. Once I can afford to, I'll look around for something that's a little more substantial and sounds better, but it's not like I'm going to be playing shows any time soon. Again, thanks for the replies, guys.


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          I highly recommend buying a used kit. You'll get much more bang for your buck. Buying a new kit at Guitar Center is quick, easy, and convenient but you will still overpay. You can get a much better quality drum kit (albeit with less cymbals/hardware) for the same money, or you can buy a used entry level kit off of craigslist for less than you will pay new. Granted, there's no "no interest/payments for a year" incentives that you can get from a major retailer, but you will take a bath in your $$ if & when you go to sell an entry level kit that you bought brand new...and you WILL eventually sell them, whether you stick with it or quit playing. Craigslist is full of cheap entry level music gear that parents bought for their kids who quit, and they find out the hard way that no one wants cheap gear, unless it's practically free. Just my 2 cents....


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            Welcome to the forum! I played a Forum kit for about 6 years and it served me quite well. Nothing wrong with starting out on a Forum kit, but if you stick with drumming I can guarantee you will want to upgrade in a few years when you have more money. The Forum kits have actually been discontinued as of this year so you may be able to pick up a really good deal on clearout. If you have the time to do a bit of research and have the ability to consult an experienced drummer I'd hunt around a bit for a good deal on a used kit. There really are some excellent bargains to be had on mid level used kits. If you can find the the right one you might pay the same price for a good mid level used kit as you would for a new entry level kit. If you're set on the Forums and that's what's available to you, they are very serviceable and will keep you going for a while. Just don't make the mistake of changing out the mounts, putting on different hoops and buying extra pieces for a Forum kit. At the end of the day entry level drums are just that, entry level. They are cheap for a reason and down the road you will upgrade so sink your upgrade money into good hardware, pro cymbals and a good snare. Good luck finding a kit! It's a fun journey to start on.
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              I'd recommend getting a slightly higher end better used drum kit for the same price, but yeah forums are fine.
              I gigged with mine probably 50 times over the 2 and a half years I used it. Sounded absolutely fine with decent heads and tuning.
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                It might not be feasible to get a used kit. It has it's merits but, at least in Australia, no one looks after their gear and everyone still wants a billion dollars when they sell it. The result being that good used kits that include the gear you want are really difficult to come by.

                I have had a forum for years (as well as another better kit) and I can certainly say that, if your budget won't stretch further, there is nothing wrong with a decision to purchase one. I you go that way just be careful of the wing nut screws in the bass drum claws; the bass drum spurs are hopeless quality. None of the other hardware I use is from the Forum package so can't comment on the standard snare stand, HH stand etc. sorry.

                I will add that there were a couple of packs released and some have 16" bass drums and some have 18" bass drums. 18" is pretty chunky when you're thinking room space and transportation, so that's something to keep in mind (not just for Forums, I suppose!).

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                  Originally posted by MattKeaton View Post
                  It might not be feasible to get a used kit. It has it's merits but, at least in Australia, no one looks after their gear and everyone still wants a billion dollars when they sell it. The result being that good used kits that include the gear you want are really difficult to come by.
                  Same over here Matt. A new Forum is not a silly idea.

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                  Originally posted by Mike Foreman
                  Practice makes perfect. But ultimately, I am living proof that you don't need to play well to enjoy gear. You might be surprised how much enjoyment you can get while still sucking.


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                    Man, I refuse to buy new drums ever. SO many deals to be had on the used market and you can really buy up in quality that way. Not sure what you're budget is, but your profile says your in MI, so I assume Michigan, IE, USA. Let's stick with the low end of the budget:

                    Classy 4pc black on black Forum series shell pack, $120:
                    Hi-hat stand, $25:
                    Bass Drum Pedal, $20:
                    Snare Stand, $20:
                    Cymbal Stand, $20:
                    Boom Cymbal Stand, $30:

                    So, that's $235 for an all-matching Pearl kit with hardware. If you're budget allows, you can snag some used pro-grade cymbals for around $100/ea. If your budget doesn't allow:

                    Zildjian ZBT hi-hats, $35:
                    Zildjian ZBT Crash, $28:
                    ZIldjian ZBT Ride, $30:

                    So there you have a decent kit for less than $350 and much less than what an equivalent new kit would cost. The best part is, you could flip it on CL for $500 (heck, people in my area would be asking $750!)
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                      Josh has the right idea. The Forum is a full-sized kit, and it's alright, but not great. If you, look for something like a Vision, 3007, Gretsch Catalina etc used. If you have to buy new, check out Dale's price on the 3007s. Buy some used hardware and cymbals, and you have a MUCH nicer kit for the same price as a new Forum pack.
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                      Originally posted by beermaniac
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                      just by hating them :(


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                        If I'm not mistaken, the shells from the forum are the same as from the well known export. (the older ones, not the new ones)
                        And wasn't that a bigtime sold kit worldwide?
                        So if you could score a nice forum kit and upgrade the heads and hardware, then I guess you have a great kit
                        They discontinued the export and started selling the forum series, but that didn't turn out so well.
                        So now the Forum is out and the new Export is in (with changed shells this time)
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                          Originally posted by mikefivetwenty View Post
                          I DO NOT want to be playing on something that's like a junior set or something.
                          Funny, and here I was considering picking up a cheap junior set to use for a very small gig.


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                            It is not a kids set. I am 44 years old and I own a 9 piece pearl forum set. They have good sound and are durable. I got the Forum series because of it being affordable. Get the drums......they will work


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                              I picked up a Forum on EBay for $350 in a new condition when I first started playing. I really kicked out though, the lady bought it for her daughter when she started taking lessons and she quickly lost interest. No only that, they were local so I didn't have I pay shipping.

                              Long story short: I picked it up 6 years ago. It was a great starter kit, but I've gotten to the point that I need a more serious kit. At this point, my Forum is more of a hindrance than an aid.

                              Do yourself a favor. If you're serious, be patient, save, and start your self right with a decent kit