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  • Used Forums for a new drummer

    Hello all, first post by a brand new drum owner. A little background:

    I have a good bit of musical experience, I played multiple wind instruments from elementary school until after high school, but I have no real knowledge or experience with percussion instruments. So now my 13 year old daughter plays drums at school and wanted to move into a drum set, so I picked up a used set of Pearl Forums for her last week. I don't have any pics right now, but I will put some up this week, as well as more details about what we picked up.

    So what I am trying to figure out now is what color code does this set have? Are there any markings on the drums anywhere to indicate the model or color numbers? The seller told me she bought them new in 2005, which seems to agree with what I have found out about them online. Judging by online catalogs and Ebay listings, these drums are Forum FX series, with the gold oval emblems. They are a blue color, but I don't know exactly which one, if there is more than one blue in this series. On Ebay, I see similar drums listed as "Dark Blue", "Ocean Blue", or "Dark Ocean Blue", all with a color code of #95. But I have also seen "Deep Ocean Blue" listed as #378, as well as another seller claiming the color "Blue Grey" with a code of #3. I could not find a 2005 catalog, but the 2004 catalog I found says "Deep Blue" #95 is the correct color.

    So can anyone out there tell me if these other color codes are correct, or are the Ebay sellers just putting up incorrect information? Is the code #95 the only possible blue for a Forum FX series?

    And also, is the Export EX "Deep Blue" from this era the exact same color as the Forum color by the same name. I can only assume that it is the same, since it has the exact name and number. I ask this because we may look at adding another tom. I can find Export EX toms in this color, but nothing in the Forum FX.

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    #95 Deep Blue is correct. It is in both the 2004 and 2005 catalogue. There are no other similar colours. If there are Export kits with this finish it will be identical. I forgot to check the Export pages for you; I looked at the back page of the catalogues (the list and swatches relate to Session, Export and Forum).
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