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    Yea, i dont own forums anymore. Few years ago i got my Mapex Saturns and havent looked back. But when i had my forums i was dying for a Pearl Forums section to properly show it off, and well its finally here but the kit is gone. BUT i was browsing Photobucket and found heaps of pics of the kit before she dissapeared so i thought, well i had better give her the hurrah she deserved.

    Pearl forums:
    12, 13, 16, 22. 14x3.5 Steel FF snare. I decked out the kit with genuine RIMS mounts which helped big time. EVANS top and bottom with an EMAD on the kit. She was an awesome kit and i would pay big bucks to have her back again :'(, NEVER SELL YOUR FIRST KIT GUYS!

    I've been on the forum for 14 years??? What the heck have I been doing all this time??

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    Haha great! Forum section FTW.
    Pearl/Dixon/Paiste/LP/Remo/Pro-Mark 5ABN