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need help with export...

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  • need help with export...

    Okay, so I'm thinking about getting this kit:

    ...but it doesn't come with any hardware. i already have a db pedal and a nice hi-hat stand and everything, as well as various cymbal stands i've collected over the years...but i will need the tom arms/holders, etc. any idea where i can get just the hardware for this kit and about how much it would cost me? also, is there a great deal of difference between the export series and the export selects? i've been playing on a ludwig kit for quite some time now, and it's a nice kit and everything, but it's wimpy (18" bass drum, 8" and 10" toms, etc.) and i need something a little more "powerful" for the band i'm in right now. i've played on many exports and have always liked the way they sounded, so i guess i'm just wondering if there is a huge difference of quality between the regular series and the selects. thanks.

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    You will get a lot of different is mine There is no sonic difference, but there is a great difference in the outer shell appearance.

    Im playing an 03 Export, and when I learned the shells were 5 ply poplar instead of the philly mahogany I was concerned...but after lengthy discourse from the brothers here, the end result was the poplar is very close to birch in acoustic response. In fact it was said that the sonic response between poplar and birch were so similar, that most ears would not be able to pick out the difference.

    With all that said about the 03 Export shell construction, I think the shell are identical except for the outer ply and finish on the selects.

    Enjoy..looks like a lot of fun
    Find that place where the music plays the band and let it flow!


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      Here is my Export..mirror chrome wrap
      Find that place where the music plays the band and let it flow!


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        yes i think its worth it. the tom arms cost about $20 a piece. Check out or go to guitar center. they have great stuff and decent prices too.


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          The two main differences are that the Export Selects have laquer finishes and wood hoops. If you want a durable finish the plain EXs are better for that. ELX's are pretty easy to scratch.