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Do you guys think I will sell this?

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  • Do you guys think I will sell this?

    I hope so so I can start paying off my BRX that will be here next week!!!!
    The only thing uglier than my my drumming ability...I feel like I am a percussive gimp!!!

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    hell id pay 425 for it if i didnt already have one.. itll sell
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      np ****

      of course itll sell that is a sweet *** kit. its got a tight finish. and is in pretty good condition to be that old.
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      2. Drummer in the Advanced Jazz Ensemble.
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        I think your price is fair, and you did a great job putting together the post. You should do well.
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          I just sold a 7 piece export that I had for 12 years, I got $400 for it. You should be able to get what you're asking, plus shipping charges.