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The best bass/double bass pedal

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  • The best bass/double bass pedal

    Just wondering what the best is. I think the Double Eliminater is the best one, or iron cobra.
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    Hey rory444, I can't speak for the eliminator because I have never tried it but I can for the iron cobra and it is a great pedal. I use the double pedal with a single bass drum. It is soo versitile. I think most of the new pedals out now are trying to copy the iron cobra's many options. As far as I know they were the first ones out with a pedal that you could custom adjust to your liking. Just my opinion. Rich.

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      Pearl Eliminator or the really expensive DW ones (i'm not sure of their name). I'm not really an iron cobra fan. My school has an iron-cobra double-kick and its really strong but i don't like the feel very much. I prefere my pearl p-101 double-kick to the iron cobra.
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        wow, i wish i went to a school which had an iron cobra double pedal! id probably 'borrow' it for a while...
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          IMHO the best pedal is the EDP 300 by Premier
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