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Sounds:Hats vs. Cymbals

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  • Sounds:Hats vs. Cymbals

    I heard that no two Zildjian cymbals sound alike. Now with going with that thought how does Zildjian hats measure up to the competition? How would you rate Zildjians to other cymbals in sound? Is this something that is true for all the cymbal makers?

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    My zildjians sound NOTHING like the samples on the A med thin crash 18" has a completely different pitch, as does my medium ride. Not saying they sound bad, they're great, just saying that each zildjian sounds different.


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      My cymbals r zbt plus... and outdoors sounds really good. I haven't used the cast bronze, but i guess they should be so much better, so I don't think they r bad.
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        every hand made cymbal will sound a bit diffrent from the other because humans aren't as precise as machines
        and my personal opinion about Zildjian is that I don't like this company very much mainly because of insane prices in my country but as for the sound some Zil cymbals are sweet, but I still like Istanbul Agop and Paiste best
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          My zildjians sound NOTHING like the samples on the A med thin crash 18" has a completely different pitch, as does my medium ride. Not saying they sound bad, they're great, just saying that each zildjian sounds different.
          Excellent point, Newbeat! I have all Sabians, and my cymbals don't sound like anything like the samples on the Sabian website, either!

          I have come to the conclusion that, regardless of the model or "description" stamped on the cymbal-- "medium ride", "dark crash", "groove hats"-- you simply have to go to a music store and hit a bunch of cymbals with a stick until you find the one that appeals to you.

          I have read descriptions of the "sound" of various Sabian cymbals, and thought, "Hey, that sounds like what I'm looking for." Then you go to Guitar Center (or wherever) and play the thing, and it doesn't sound anything like its described!

          When I was shopping for a new ride cymbal last year, I was convinced-- from reading the literature and listening to the sound sample-- that I wanted some sort of "dry ride." When I went to a local music store and actually played the "dry ride", I hated the way it sounded. I ended up with a Pro Sonix instead... because it sounded great when I played it.

          I do think cymbals are like snowflakes... no two are alike! You can have two 18" Zildjian K medium crash cymbals side-by-side, and I guarantee they'll both sound different. (I'm not picking on Zildjian here; the same thing would happen with Sabian, Paiste, Bosphorous, etc.)
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            i belive if u want to know wat the best sound is just go to a music store with lots of cymbals and try the all they all do not have to be the same brand its all about the sound u are lookin for


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              I think Sabians have the closest sound between two of the same cymbals. Although they arent exactly the same, pretty close...a lot closer than Zildjian. I don't have hardly any experience with Paiste, so i can't really say there either.
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                RE: Cymbal Sound

                For what its worth it is my experience that NO two cymbals sound alike. Therefore it is best to go and play the cymbal in the store and pick the sound you are looking for. Rich.

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                  Paiste says their cymbals are engineered and manufactured to all sound alike. In my informal tests in stores, it seems to be fairly true.

                  I have found Sabians sound more like their .mp3s than Zildjians do.

                  As for big Z, I have bought one, and am considering another. Neither one was one I previously planned on, based on .mp3s and in-store auditions. But I had a chance to shop in Nashville, and stopped in at Fork's Drum Closet. A HUGE number of bronze products to whang on there. And I wound up buying one right off the display, since a like cymbal nearby sounded nothing like mine. It is a 21" K Custom Special Dry Ride, and has an amazing sound.

                  Recently I was in 2112 Percussion, and found an Avedis Zildjian, et cie Vintage Crash 18" that sounds like it will marry up with the ride very well. But I hadn't seriously considered these plates before. Go figure.

                  Bottom line, I have learned: you just HAVE to get out and listen to cymbals to find just what you want. There's really no other way.

                  The only possibility I see otherwise is to consider a Sabian Performance Pack, since they claim to match the items in the pack up together, and hold your breath.
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