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who sports the 4 piece?

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  • who sports the 4 piece?

    just wondering who's got a 4 piece. i play a 4 piece export series (mirror chrome), with pacific stands, tama iron cobra bass drum pedal, and sabian b8 cymbals.

    its an alright kit.

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    I got a 5 piece fusion kit but i wanna buy a 16"x14" tom which will make it a 6 piece. 6 cymbals as well. Hats, splash, 2 crashes, ride, china. Pearl double-kick.
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      i dont have the 4-piece exports but i did take the 13in tom off my forum set and plan to upgrade when i save enough up. Its the coolest set up. Alot of people think its hard to play fills on four pieces but its actual easier to play better fills then you would on a large kit.


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        i play a 4 pc. Tama Swingstar.
        Best drum kit in the world!


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          I play a 4-pc Ex but lately i'm using it as a 3-pc.

          its actual easier to play better fills then you would on a large kit.
          i dunno about better but i prefer fills on 4-pc cos they just sounds more lively to me.

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            I play an export 4 pc. It's nice.
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              Check out my ebay auctions! - lisav&include=0&since=-1&sort=3&rows=25


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                If I take off three of my rack toms, set off a floor tom and leave a bass off, I do
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                12x9 rack tom
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                  I usually play a 6-piece, but when my band does a smaller place, like a coffee shop or a record store, I strip down to 4.
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                    Play a Yamaha Stage Custom.... set up in 4 piece for the studio at the moment:

                    14x5, 10x9, 14x13, 20x16.

                    Works well enough, although i'd prefer a rack with 10x8, 12x9, 15x13 and 18x16. .

                    4pc is must easier to transport to gigs and such tho...
                    BRX arrived. It's good.


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                      I dont know about you guys, but i prefer a larger kit, i lke a larger kit better for 2 main reasons 1.) i have more options for fills ect. 2.) i also like the appearence of the toms all lined up from small to big on a set, especially on an pearl icon rack, hehe.
                      I currently have a 2002 export 5pc. set and planning to upgrade it on february to an icon rack with a 8x8 mounted tom.


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                        I do in jazz band. Its really fun and forces you to be more creative and technical and sensitive with what you've got. I find that most of my ideas come on a 4 piece rather than m 8 piece at home.


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                          4 piece

                          I just bought myself a new 4 piece the other day. Mirror crhome as well (get's fingerprints easily though, and I'm constantly wiping the drums down with a clean cloth) It's pretty nice:

                          22x18 bass drum w/out mount
                          16x16 floor tom
                          12x9 tom

                          If there was two things I could change about the drums, I'd have a 14x14 floor tom instead of the 16, and I currently have the ISS mount on my tom, which works, but it bends and shakes a little. Still good, and it holds fine, but I'd rather go with the opti-mount instead. Other than that, I love my four piece; the ride is so much more accessible without that other rack tom there.


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                            i bet ive got one of the oldest export sets. the dude i bought it from told me its been in a few other bands, and "been on some big stages" who knows what that meens. but i bet its around 10 years old. still plays great though!


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                              As pilgrimdrummer, I used to strip down to a 4-piece when I was playing in small places, but unfortunately I dont do gigs as often anymore, since Í´m not in band at the moment.
                              I normally play on a seven piece export with a pearl drum rack and paiste Hi-hat/cymbals.

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