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  • export select and paiste alpha

    i have a 2001 pearl export select in amber mist and i just bought a paiste alpha 14" power hats 16" power crash and 20" power ride, to go with my zildjian 10" zbt splash, zildjian 18" zbtplus china, zildjian zbtplus 18" medium thin crash and a 14" paiste 502 crash, could you please tell me what you think of the alphas and the set up all round. cheers!

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    You should tell us...

    I've got a similar setup: 02elx and Paiste Alphas (14" medium HH, 20" full Ride & 16" Crash) - I really like the sound of the Alphas. When I was comparing between similarly priced Sabians & Zildjians, I thought the Paiste Alphas had a warmer more refined sound. To each his own tho...


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      no i cant yet because they are getting ordered, i havent got them yet, they should be here is a couple of days


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        I got my alphas about eight weeks ago and at first i didnt like my 16 inch crash, i think it's not trashy enough, but it's grown on me and i don't mind it at all now. My 16 inch crystal crash is superb, as is my 20 inch full ride 14 inch medium high hats and 12 inch splash. The splash and the crystal crash are probably my favourites and the crash would be my least favourite. Another thing, don't you agree that the alphas have such a unique look? i'm talking about how they're lathed. Oh and where i am, in Australia, they're not cheap at all, almost 400 dollars for the ride (though i got them all on special). How much did you all pay for yours?
        Paiste Alpha 14'' medium hi-hat
        Paiste Alpha 16'' crash
        Paiste Alpha 16" crystal crash
        Paiste Alpha 20" full ride
        Paiste Alpha 12" splash


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          i dunno if you know it but i bought them from billy hydes in sydney
          i got the 20" power ride half price from $400 to $200 as they over ordered them,16" power crash was $240, and the 14" power hats were $260. They have a sweet look to them especially when they are in the sun they sparkle and the sound is unreal, all up i thought $700 aussie was pretty good
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            I got mine as a set new on eBay for US$325 - from a music store The prices on their web site are much higher but I guess they auction items that aren't moving... I think midwestpercussion has pretty decent prices too.

            I've heard good things about the alpha sound-edge high hats but never got a chance to hear them anywhere - plus the eBay deal was too good to pass up!