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1987 - Export Stainless Steel - Refurb/Elec Conversion

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  • 1987 - Export Stainless Steel - Refurb/Elec Conversion

    Hey there...I have an 1987 Export Series - Stainless Steel. It was my first "real" drum kit and has been sitting in my mom's basement for a while, but I am am looking to refurb as needed and convert it to electronic using mesh heads, Roland triggers and (likely) TD-17 brain with Jobecky cybmals, etc. wondering if anyone has experience doing this and can toss me tips/thoughts?

    ALSO: I'd like to try and add original Export 10" and 14" toms to the existing 12" and 13" to make it the set I always wanted as a kid. Anyone have deep dive leads as to where I might sniff those out? I know sweetwater, musiciansfriend, craigslist, etc. But, any tips/help would be appreciated.

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    I would recommend as that forum is geared towards electronic drums and conversions. The most important part at least upfront is to make sure that the drum triggers and cymbals you choose will be compatible with your drum module. In your case, Roland triggers with a Roland module will be fine and, just doing a quick search, it looks like Jobeky cymbals will work with the TD-17 as well.

    For heads, typically the more plies they have the more realistic they will feel. I can't speak from personal experience on Jobeky's three-ply heads (mentioning them because you were looking at their cymbals), but they have been compared to three-ply heads from drum-tec which I use and I love them. Hope that helps!


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      hey, thanks much.

      I'm sure there will be some tweaking as things go along. I've played a Roland mesh head kit for years, so I'm used to mesh heads...and have heard from others that three-ply drum-tec heads are the way to thx for the feedback, I will def go that direction.

      biggest reason for posting here is trying to sniff out the original 10" and 14" add-on toms. It may just be a long process of looking until something pops on a craigslist or sweetwater, but thought maybe someone might have deep-insider info on possible better routes. ha.