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Is there such a thing as a 13" EXR?

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  • Is there such a thing as a 13" EXR?

    My set up has always been 13,16 22 w/ 8&10 concert or double headed drums above the 13. I'm now playing an EXR in Gray Metalflake 12,16,8&10. I don't like the tone interval with a 12-I like the drums but not the 12. Did EXR's even come with 13s ? I haven't seen a set in any color with a 13-always 10-12-14 or 16. I'd be very interested in purchasing a 13" EXR or Vision tom, which looks to be the same Gray Metalflake wrap. After owning countless drum sets,I always return to Pearl...go figure-

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    12/13/16 set ups would have been fairly common in the EXR series and 10x13 and 11x13 components were available. The finish you likely have is #437 Gun Metal Sparkle and was new in 2006 in the EXR line. As you mentioned, that finish was picked up in the VSX series when the EXR was discontinued in 2007, but the finish was no longer a stocked color by 2008.
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      Thanks for responding to my question. Gun Metal Sparkle is not available, as far as I have seen, from any wrap suppliers. If it was I'd wrap my own donor drum with the same lugs,either EX,EXR or Vision. If I could find a 13" tom...