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  • Well, I guess I'll update this thread. i sold the Pearl Session kit to Guitar Center for $390. I sold the Pacific kit ( green kit ) to Guitar Center for $190. I was amazed they offered that much so I grabbed the money and ran out the door. Both kits can be seen at GC Fairview Heights Illinois. The best part is GC Bridgeton Mo. has the same Pacific kit used for $99.00! meaning they bgave that guy $40 for theirs and $190 for mine. they took the worst pics of drums for sale ever. I guess they figure bad pics help sell drums. I wanted to keep both kits but didnt feel a need to keep them around while not gigging.


    • What are you playing now? my kits: 1 2 3

      GMS | Paiste|Evans|Kennedy Camden Auxiliary Percussion


      • I still own the Chestnut Fade MCX. I also have the SPL bop kit i bought that i was using to practice. I do enjoy the 18" kick on that kit so much I'm considering getting a kit with a 20" kick. I found a Masters Maple Complete 3 piece kit with a 20" but it sold before i made up my mind.


        • i sold the SPL bop kit for $140 and gave $100 for it. sold some other gear and traded some cymbals i never used and bought a brand new Mapex cross over 5 piece. one up, two down 13' 14'16' 22x18 14x6.5 snare. MSRP $945 on sale for $4xx with my trades and sells , i have about $170 in a brand new practice/gig kit.

          its super light weight, and its textured matte wood grain wrap seem quite durable and dust ding and scratch resistant meaning ( for me any how) no need for bags or cases. with a little caution loading unloading set up break down they should stay nice looking for quite a while.

          the cheapest Export ive ever owened still had better chrome than this mapex though.

          note This Mapex kit comes with a clamp to mount the tom to a stand. but GC had this floor model set up on a used Mapex stand ( for they didnt open the box to the new clamp that comes with this kit ) and when he showed me the clamp i was like " ugh, i dont like hooking a tom on a cymbal stand and i talked him into giving me the stand with the Mapex tom mount for free and a still got the clamp,

          im not posting a pic but can share details where to see it.

          EDIT: my new kit is the Mapex Mars Series 5 piece Crossover shell pack in textured Driftwood wrap if anyone might want to check it out. an easy search of this info will let you see what im gigging
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          • Originally posted by therocker View Post
            I found a good deal on a Pearl Masters MCX in Chestnut Fade ...


            2 up 2 down - 22 x 18 kick. I traded the two Export kits ( Charcoal & Burgundy ) in on the MCX. The MCX included an ICON rack.

            I bought some matching snares for the MCX


            ( and some mini replicas to boot )
            i still own this kit and Icon rack, though neither are set up at the moment.