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Whats my kit worth???

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  • Whats my kit worth???

    Im trying to get an estimated value on my kit and all the stands and the rack...but NOT the keeping those. but im looking to sell this kit soon and im unsure and what to sell it for. Its a '03 Pearl ELX in Amber Fade with CHROME hardware. The specs are 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x11 toms(each tom has I.S.S. mounts on them), 22x18 bass, and 14x5 snare(the snare does NOT have snares or the throwoff). Then I have a 18x16 floor tom(its an older Pearl model i think.. one badge says "pearl" and the other says "maple shell", and theres a small break in the wood by one of the legs),also a Tama Artwood 14x6.5 snare, and a Pacific(dont know model) 13x3.5 steel-shell snare( the Pacific snare is the one from GC thats like $60 if you know what i mean).

    For stands and the rack, the rack is the Pearl DR50...and it has 8 PC-08 clamps. For stands, i dont have exact models, but the majority of them are around $40-60 complete.
    I have
    4 Pulse boom stand (tops)
    1 Pearl boom stand
    3 Pacific boom stands
    1 DW boom stand
    1 Pacific straight stand
    1 Pearl straight stand

    Then theres a Pearl Ex. hat boom stand (top), and 1 Pearl boom arm with a clap connected(has cowbell on it in pics). A '00 or '01? Pearl hi-hat stand.

    The Tama snare has a Pearl snare stand from i think 2001 or so. And the Pacific snare has an old Ludwig(i think) snare stand that i got for like $20.

    Then theres 4 Pearl tom arms, the 2001 or 2 series? 2 short, and 2 long.
    5 clamps, and a Pacific double bass pedal(the one thats like $100 new).
    A Pacific motorcycle-style seat throne, a LP Rock cowbell(with the red plastic part), and a Pearl quickdraw tamborine.

    Thats about all of what Im selling right there, and the ELX originaly was about $600 new for the 6 drums in Amber Fade. The pics will come soon..i gotta figure out how to make them smaller so theyll upload.

    So what do you think I should ask for???
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    Pics are BUMP!


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      very nice kit. but im not so sure how much you would get.
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        Hmm... maybe like $1700? The kit i'm ordering is worth like 1400 in EURO'S! And i think you're kit would be worth more 'cause it is an ELX and the finish is pretty hard to get.
        I gambled the price WITHOUT CYMBALS!
        Put new heads on it and it would be worth more
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