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New member: My EXR/Catalina Maple Monster

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  • New member: My EXR/Catalina Maple Monster

    Hey guys I'm new here. I recently sold my Export to get a Gretsch Catalina Maple (SORRY GUYS!), but I'm gonna go back and trade it in for a better Export. Right before I shipped out my EXR, I already had my Gretsch, so I wanted to make one giant effin drum set. And I was extremely happy with the visual result. The last picture I attached is the stock picture of the Export I'm gettin soon. Let me know what you think about the monster and my Export pick. Thanks guys!

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    hai cobus.

    Why bother w/ another export? Look at visions.
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      Originally posted by AlaskanLlama
      hai cobus.

      Why bother w/ another export? Look at visions.

      One word (and an explanation)


      I'm only 16 and private guitar lessons don't really rake in that much money.


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        those cymbals over the floors look really low and close to the rim...

        And what was wrong with the Gretch?

        Anyways, the huge drum-set looks great! Has to be a blast to play on.
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          The rides were fine cuz I never really hit them hard or stayed on them (only used them as accents).

          There's just something about the Gretsch. I couldn't tell you what it was if you asked me (which you did, and I can't), but I just think back to my Pearl days and how much better it was to play on them.

          And sadly, this was a while ago, so the monster set no longer lives . But it was amazing while it lasted.


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            Stay with the gretsch and save up for something better. Nice monster
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