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    hey. I just wondered whether the export series are any good. There are Pearls cheapest model, right, so are they just ment as a beginners kit or are they worth buying if your a average player?

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    Pearls cheapest models are the Forum and the new Soundcheck. They are begginer kits but they sound supprisingly good!! Exports are the Intermediate/Semi-pro kit and sound awesome. For a kit thats not Pro level, the Export is the best choice in my opinion
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      What he said,
      I've had mine for two years now and with good heads, they sound as good as the srx's.


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        Go for the ELX lacquered finish if i were you, its much nicer than the EX wrap finish. thats basically the same as a forum ( which i have ) but it has upgraded tom tom mounts/hardware.

        i'm sure you will enjoy whichever you choose. good luck
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          and dont forget Export's have Poplar shells.. not Mahogany, why cant people get that?

          Everything sounds the same 100 feet away from the kit while the band is playing, sometimes you even dont want a nice kit in the studio, cause your looking for a dead studio sound, a nice kit aint gonna give you that dead studio sound your looking for, its going to give u a Open, Resonating, Warm full sound.. ive got an ELX in my Home studio right now and it has Pinstripes w/ Remo Muffls on it, and it sounds just like any studio drumset, the diff of each woods comes only from the Resonance, higher end kits have PLEASING resonance.
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            i have the EX. well i dun really like them. go for the srx. imao.


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              How long have exports had poplar shells? What kind of sound difference is there between mahg. and pop.?


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                The LAQUERED poplar ELX drums sound like a birch shell - awesome. The wrapped EX kits do not have the same resonant quality and sound nearly identical to the older philippine (sp?) mohagany.

                I dont quite understand why there is a forum and an EX. Does anyone know if the wrap on a EX is bonded to the ENTIRE shell or is it like the forum where it is just taped at the seam?

                I think they should drop the EX or the forum from the line. They have the new Sound Check, why two "beginner" kits?
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                  You have a valid point there THUMPER,. thats why i bought a forum, basically it saved me over £100 against an EX in the same colour. i played both and i could'nt hear any difference in the sound, but the ELX is very nice, i do like the lacquer finish. Pearl have a nice kit there, .............. maybe one day i'll upgrade . but in the meantime i'm more than happy with the forum ( apart from getting ripped off by the dealer ) but thats another story

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