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  • Pearl's Phone Number

    I was wondering if anybody could give me Pearl's phone number. I need to find out what happened to my drums. I ordered a fusion set in mirror chrome back in November from Midwest Percussion and they said that Pearl would drop ship them to me from their manufacturing plant, but they still haven't arrived. I emailed Carl Peterson in December to see if he could tell me what has happened to them and he said that Pearl should be getting them on the 15th of January, but I've tried e-mailing him the past week or so to see if Pearl got the drums, but I haven't received an answer. So if anybody could give me the phone umber for Pearl or another e-mail address I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Pear number is 615-833-4477.
    How long did it take for Carl Peterson to reply to your email?
    I sent him email about the rebate center and the rebate
    resolution center never acknowledge that I sent them
    rebate form for the FX free tom rebate offer. It's been
    a week and he hasn't replied. Maybe the question is too tough.
    I posted my problem in ExportZone>Fee FX tom and
    others have replied with the same problem.


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      Hey thanks. My drums arrived yesterday, so I don't need Pearl's phone number anymore, but thanks anyway.
      It took Carl about 2 weeks to reply. I've e-mailed him several times the last week with no reply, so I don't know if he's on vacation or just not checking his email or what.


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        he was in NAMM .. .
        .:: energy ::.


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          Just to let you guys know, Carl has been extremely sick since the last day of the NAMM show, he is recovering from his illness and should be back to work in another week or so.

          If you have any problems that need immediate attention, e-mail me all of your details including when and where you purchased your items and your full name and address.


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            fx forum tom

            Pearluser are u sure there's an fx forum tom offer. i didnt get a form. i think u mean EX export, do u?
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