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  • Advice For Entering the Corps

    Does anyone have any advice for trying out for a corp? Anything would be helpful, as I am very serious about my percussive career.

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    My advice is to maintain good technique, keep your rolls nice and tight and soak up everything you can from your fellow corp mates! Best of luck!!


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      What are you auditioning on? If it's tenors, I could give you more in-depth tips.

      Always try to jump on the drums as many times as possible. There are so many kids at auditions that get on the drum once or twice and then sit in a corner with their pad and then they hope to move on to the second round of auditions. The more times you are on the drums, the more confident you seem.

      Memorize your ****. I can't tell you how many times this could have helped me in my auditions.

      KEEP YOUR FEET IN TIME. It's drum corps. Have you ever seen a drum corps with their feet out of time?

      Really, if you do these, you will have a better chance than most people. What corps are you auditioning for?
      Looking to sell my 14x5.5 Ludwig "Blacrolite."


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        I play snare and I was thinking blue devils or phantom regiment