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  • Recommendation for High School Indoor Show

    Hi everyone,

    I am from England and coach Percussion for a High School Drumline. Can anyone recommend any beginner / intermediate indoor shows?

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    I would try

    My old high school used a few of the shows from here after I left; we previously wrote our shows but with the demand of the outdoor program we had to switch to having pre-written stuff. I've taught a few of the shows with my old drumline since graduating, but my current job keeps me from teaching.
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      I don't really know if there is much of a difference between the US and England drumlines so if I make a fool of myself my apologies.
      My high school percussion instructor uses quite frequently.

      Hope I helped
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        I've personally played a few box-six shows before and they write great battery and pit parts. I would definitely recommend them.


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          What about a Spy themed show.
          You could have the guys wear sunglasses and maybe have some plastic martini glasses on there drums (when they are not playing of course) with a little green something glued in it as if it were a martini on a table. That might go against school policy, but it would look cool. So would water pistols, but.......
          Songs you could do James Bond theme, Peter Gunn, The Mod Squad theme, The Avengers theme, etc.

          You could have the Pit guys done up like villains/henchman .


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            Didn't know we had high schools or drum lines here!