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Wanting general info on tenor drumming

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  • Wanting general info on tenor drumming

    I am wanting to join my high school's drumline. I have been playing the drum kit for quite a while, and tenor drums have really captured my heart. The look, the sound, everything about them. I know the technique for them, such as stance, playing zones, frame of reference, ect. But what do I need to learn and improve on specifically for high school tenor drumming? I am trying to make the line by next year, so a quick "get good fast" thing is something I'm looking for. Right now I don't even have money for tenor mallets, so I can't really buy anything.

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    The only advise I can give you is to take a bunch of mousepads and arrange them in the tenor pattern so you can practice your rolls/scrapes ect


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      They actually make tenor practice pads. They can be a bit pricey. Maybe contact the director at your school's marching band and see if he has any resources he can point you toward. Enjoy it! Drumline can be a very rewarding experience!
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        First off, you need to get a pair of Vic Firth Corpsmaster sticks (theyre not that high on $). Since they weigh more than standard drumsticks, you will need to get used to the extra weight.

        Next, set aside some time to watch instructional videos on youtube, or if you can get your hands on DVDs from your band's director or someone you may know. For instance: you can youtube any of these DCI bands and watch videos of their drumlines:

        Cavaliers, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Bluecoats, Cadets, Carolina Crown, etc. pay attention to their stick control, dynamics, and energy.

        Being that you have a drum background, take some of the info you already have and apply it to the tenors. For instance, your stick heights and dynamics. I hope you dont play at full volume/height on every song you play on drumset. You should not do that on tenors or any drum/drumset for that matter.

        Also, you should treat drumming as an exercise, so stretch before you begin practice or a show.


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          Also, check out Quad Logic by Bill Bachman. He's a member on here, somewhere. It's a great book and resource. Best of luck!

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          Yeah I gotta admit she managed to tune her cymbals pretty well.


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            I agree


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              Build your chops on one pad not on the tenor pads to start. It will pay off when you got speed and control on one drum. Mike mclintosh was a big guy on that.