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With Paul Rennick moving to Santa Clara Vanguard...

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    Rennick has redesigned the Dynasty snare again. I've heard what it's going to look like, but the drums weren't in yet so I couldn't see them up close. They will be arriving in SCV's hands (in Denton, TX) in April if all goes according to plans.

    Look for a change in the keyboards also.
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      Wow! Vanguard is now playing Dynasty? I mean, I don't necessarily dislike Dynasty, but they've been using Pearl for so long now. It's such a large part of their sound! Kinda sad!

      I've been a big fan of Vanguard since the early 90's, and they are one of the main reasons I why I became such a big fan of Pearl drums. Those tenor drums projected like crazy! Remember the tenor lick from the 1990 drum solo? So loud, deep, and in your face!!
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        I saw this coming, even though I never wanted it to happen. I've never heard a well-tuned Dynasty sound better than a well-tuned Pearl. Granted, Rennick can get the best out of 'em (especially compared to ScoJo), but still... I'm going to miss the Pearls.

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        Originally posted by MisterMixelpix
        Yeah I gotta admit she managed to tune her cymbals pretty well.