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Decade Owners- Opinions on Weight

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    Originally posted by Kevaruka View Post
    Northern scumbag here
    Hello, Teessider living and studying in London
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      23-27 lbs for a 24x14 kick not in variation I just can't remember what the box said. Hope this helps!
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        I've got the five piece kit with 20", 14", 12" and 10", and I can carry the kick and all three toms at once with no problem. They're quite light, and I would even say that the 14" x 14" floor tom is even lighter than the 14" x 12" Tama Rockstar rack tom I used to have. And if I'm remembering correctly, the 20" kick is only slightly heavier than the Rockstar 18" x 16" floor tom was. The Decades sound much heavier than they actually are.
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