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AAX Freq vs. Omni ride cymbals

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  • AAX Freq vs. Omni ride cymbals

    Havent been on the forum in forever. Miss this place.

    Looking to add one of these to my collection of rides but don't need both. Wanted to get your opinions on either or both before I buy. Currently playing in a band that would benefit a crashable ride that isn't really a crash/ride. Thank you
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    Can't give too much advice except that the omni has a VERY specific sound. Personally I wasn't a huge fan of it but you might be. The ride never quite sounded right and the crash was underwhelming, and I heard it being played by jojo mayer, who designed it.


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      My favorite ride is a 22" AAX metal ride. It's actually pretty crash-able if you use 2b sticks.